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[VIDEO] David Bell: A Far Eastside Story

Updated: May 16, 2020

Anyone who knows me or my story understands that I have developed this burning passion to create story-driven video productions over the past 2 years. Just about 700 days ago, I was playing football at a Division III program not even thinking about a camera. With that said, I have finally finished THE video project I have been dreaming to complete since my playing days. Things always happen for a reason right?

Now, on to the actual story here.

The name David Bell literally rings a bell in everyone's mind on the Far Eastside of Indianapolis. The community is filled with talented, innovative, & hard working people. And honestly, people overlook the positive things about the Far Eastside of Indianapolis. However, violence & poverty are also very present in the area. These are 2 continuing burdens the community deals with on a daily basis.

Thanks to the history & tradition of Warren Central Football, the community has always had something positive and strong to lean on. The football program is sometimes one of the few signs of hope & triumph that the community so desperately needs. With that, David Bell's reign on the throne, at the top of Indiana High School Football, changed the Far Eastside forever.

David Bell led the Warren Central Warriors to undefeated seasons in football AND basketball in the same calendar year (2018). To my understanding, no one has ever done that in Indiana High School Sports history. If I'm wrong, please correct me (but I doubt you can.) I cannot wait to watch this young man thrive at Purdue University this year under Coach Jeff Brohm. They have an awesome, high character player in David Bell.

- Wann

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